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About Healthy Herbs

We are a leadership-driven company whose competitive edge lies in fueling entrepreneurship through our  Distributors and offering unique clinically relevant nutraceutical and  products inspired by Ayurveda.

Who we are ?

We are a part of the SG Builder and Promoter . For over 16 years the  SG Builder and Promoter have been unlocking the mystery of reality.From since 2010 we also unlocking the mystery of herbs, extracting its goodness, and gifting the world with good health.

What we do ?

We have two clear missions. One to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition, well-being . Second is to provide a low cost, low risk opportunity for anyone who wants to start their own health &  business.

The word AYURVEDA has two parts of life. One is Ayur and second is Veda. Ayur means life Veda means knowledge of science. Thus it means SCIENCE OF LIFE. There are four Vedas in Indian thought

1.  Rigveda 2.  Yajurveda 3. Samveda 4. Atharvveda

Atharvveda gives us knowledge of medicine therapy and medicinal plants. Ayurveda is the part of Atharvveda Samhita. Atharveda incorporates all aspects of life Physical, Psychological, Spiritual and Social and encompasses our entire life with BODY, MIND AND SOUL.
Ayurveda through herbal remedies based on ancient scientific principals of healing through natural way of Vedic culture. Now the world today understand and realizing the ayurvedic system of medicinal herbs as science of healthy and good life and the world now treating the chronic diseases like arthritis, allergy of all types, paralyses, migraine, neurological disorders, asthma etc.

Even W.H.O. (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) has given high rating for the ayurvedic system of medicine.

According to the ancient Vedic literature, the ayurveda has three things, which are responsible for the health of any human being i.e. VATA (wind), PITTA (bile), and KAPHA (phlegm). The first reference to these three factors found in atharvveda books No.1 (Kanda), Sukta (Hymn) 12 Shloka 3.

1. VATA is a combination of the two elements of the universe namely AIR AND ETHER
2. PITTA is an amalgam of FIRE AND EARTH.
3. KAPHA is the combination of ETHER AND WATER.

Vata occupies a prominent position in the human body, mind, and soul. According to Vedas health is a state of balance of the three doshas when there three doshas are there in a state / position of well being then human being feels well. When these doshas are not in a state of well being then human being feels upset, unhappy. Therefore, this condition of a man makes him weak and unhealthy.